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Your Custom Laser Cutting Services Provider in Klang, Shah Alam, Subang, PJ, Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley

DIS Creative is proud to provide solutions in the form of custom laser cutting. We use a laser CNC to provide custom laser cutting solutions as well as design assistance to clients across Malaysia.

In the past we have had experience in many different industries including support for:


Custom cut earring, and pendants

Home Décor

Custom lighting, kitchen utensils and more.

Exhibition and Marketing

Crating wooden logos, name tags, showcase displays, door gifts and more

Business Branding

Building signage, table signs, business cards, keychains, signage etc.

We utilize a number of different types of materials for custom laser cutting services in Malaysia. Some of the main types of material that we use in our laser CNC machines include:

Wood: Wood mdf board 3-6 mm

Complex foam: Complex foam board 5mm in thickness

Acrylic: acrylic sheet ranging from 2mm to 11.5mm, mirror acrylic sheet 2 mm.

The price included per custom laser cutting services are calculated by square footage. Our pricing is listed on the main pricing page for each material type. For wooden MDF board solutions we can also include burn market edges as an additional effect.

If you are interested in any of our custom laser cutting solutions, please contact our company today for more information and to begin the design process.

The benefits of laser CNC cutting:

Laser CNC cutting has become one of the most popular methods for rapid prototyping as well as the design process. Many businesses across Malaysia now depend on the aspect of using laser CNC in order to build their products or to prototype pieces to create a product for investment. There are a number of huge advantages that can come with laser CNC cutting services especially from a very experienced company like our CNC cutting experts in Malaysia.

Perfect for any industry
Laser CNC cutting is perfect for almost any type of industry and it is a fantastic way to produce products very quickly.
Great edge quality
Traditional types of CNC machines will often produce a sharper at that requires deburring and treatment in order for a prototype or product to be usable. Laser CNC eliminates this problem while producing a great edge quality that can have sharp angles or smooth curves when needed.
Extremely accurate results
Laser CNC cutting is one of the best ways to produce accurate results. If you need products that are within very tight tolerances laser CNC is one of the best ways to produce these materials.
Complex shapes/ products
Laser CNC is an ideal way to complete complex shapes and products. With the help of a laser CNC it’s possible to add small diameter holes and other complex details to many manufactured pieces.
Rapid solutions
Laser CNC is known for its extreme adaptability and the capability of rapidly creating a product. Laser CNC work is extremely affordable and this means that personalized creations can be built very shortly after the design process.

Point-Of-Sale (POS)

3D Printing