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Wood Laser Cutting

Wood laser cutting is performed using wood mdf board at a thickness of between 3 to 6 mm. We can perform CNC laser cutting on wood products which can include the wood burn line or burn effect or have the effect removed in post-production stages.

Wood laser engraving can have a number of different applications especially in the marketing world, jewelry design or prototyping. It’s easy to produce wooden materials under extremely tight tolerances with the help of laser CNC. Various details such as internal small diameter holes, laser etched engravings and more can all be added in later improving the details on any part produced.

With our wood laser cutting services we offer some of these huge advantages in our industry.

Maximizing Your Materials Budget

Designers spend time mapping out the optimal use of any material. Regardless of the type of wood parts you would like produced we will make sure to maximize the material you have purchased for future revisions of the product or for getting the most number of products in your laser cnc session.

Designers Working With You

DIS Creative’s designers provide instructions and a helping hand from the very initial design stage. You come to us with an idea and we will make it feasible sending you all design and drafting files before production so that you can make amendments and changes until the product is perfect.

Option For Effects

With laser CNC you can include the option to create wood burning effects, etchings and engravings done with vector images. This can improve the look of marketing materials and signage with a natural wood look.

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